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But only if we assume that everything needs to have an origin.

That's doesn't really help. Even if something doesn't need to have an origin, it still doesn't explain why it exists.

It is often said that by revealing to us the nature of the constituents of matter, physics is helping to answer the question of why there is anything at all. But that isn't the case. Imagine for the sake of argument that existence was actually a physical property, like length. Any object will be a certain distance in the direction of existence. If we break the object down into pieces, then into atoms, then into sub-atomic particles, we aren't moving the object at all in the direction of existence. The question of existence applies as much to an electron as it does to a rock. What we get if we find out the constituents of matter is an explanation of the origin of complexity, of structures. We don't get any closer to answering the question of why is there anything at all.

I suspect we can never know the answer to this.

Sun, 29 Jul 2012 23:17:10 UTC | #950299