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So the next time someone complains to you that evolutionary theory might be leaving something out by dismissing the supernatural, ask them how the supernatural might be of any use to the many scientists around the world daily developing new life-saving medicines.

The complaint makes no sense. The supernatural, or magic, is supposedly beyond the reach of science. So it makes no sense to insist that a scientific theory should take into account something that is by definition beyond its reach.

There is no magic. It is impossible. There isn't an property called 'magical' that makes anything other than poetic sense. There isn't a property of being forever beyond the reach of any scientific investigation that can be applied to anything, because the whole idea of the natural and the supernatural is an irrelevance and confuses things. There are phenomena that happen and that's it. There is no possible test to see if a phenomenon is supernatural, or not, magical, or not. We can only try and explore what happens and see if we can find what looks like useful and meaningful explanations.

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