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Hitch acted out the godless man!

I liked this much and just had to highlight it.

Dof , Et incarnatus est de Spiritu Supra Sancto.

Maybe I should wear a doffed hat around my neck? Some more than holy acknowledgement of a man unafraid to live beyond myth and to not subjugate himself to having to respect it unduly or to a degree where he propagates their lie by tolerant association with its conspirators and general myth market powers amongst humanity.

I like the notion "more than holy" for it positions well the myth exactly where holy truly is. When humans speak of "holy" they truly have been tricked into myth marketing (or time shares) in a situation they will never see the manufacture of, for any human let alone themselves, no matter how they obsess over their scriptural sales catalogues and generally brow beat the rest of us due this!

It is tragic that believers cannot see their own mirage is, by definition, myth made holy. And that they conspire by dominos rally as completely ignorant, in perpetuating this poison.

The dominos fall through each generation and each are blinded to the slight of hand that begun their descent into the mire of all myths.

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