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Recently, however, being a parent to two wonderful kids and married to a beautiful wife it's hit me that beyond this reality I will never see them again. While I've accepted this as fact for some time, it's as if a profound sense of sadness has descended upon me.

This is true. But it is also true that you lose them as they are "now" every day because tomorrow they have changed. One minute your children are babies keeping you sleep deprived and before you know it they are young adults. Make the most of every minute you have with them.

I know the answer is to love and cherish them with all that I am now, and believe I will, but it has made me wish that the fallacy that is religion were true.

To be honest I never really understood how the "happy ever after in heaven" bit was going go to work. It sounds fine until you give it more than 30 seconds thought. I don't miss it because I never thought it solved the problem.


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