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I wonder if you'll still feel the same when you're in your mid-to-late 70s.

My aunt Edith asked for explicit help in committing suicide. She was about 95 with pancreas cancer.

My cousin Teen expressed her fury at those who made assisted suicide illegal. She was quite eager to die. She was 101. Going blind severely interfered with her life, though she still lived on her own and looked after herself.

My Dad asked all kinds of questions about ways of committing suicide. He was 78 with brain cancer.

My dad's girlfriend had pancreatic cancer. She arranged her own end.

Gore Vidal who died at 86 a couple of days ago said the his body was so painful and decrepit that he was eager to die.

It is not so much you have had enough experience, but that your body is worn out and just too unpleasant to live in.

Once my brain had deteriorated so that I could not write or read essays, I think I would be glad to get it over with. I am 64 now. I have had HIV since 1985, so I had quite a bit of Damocletian sword over the years, now being lifted. I have had plenty of time to get used to the idea of dying early. It's all gravy.

I could hardly imagine someone as vigorous and 82 as Sir David Attenborough wanting to pack it in just because they had done everything on their todo list.

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