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Comment 7 by Richard Dawkins :

Comment 3 by memetical :

Dear Prof D, I hope they corrected that prism perspective error on page150? (Prof D,"What prism error?") Actually, I think the slit card is at the wrong angle. The slit should be rotated 90 deg - in the vertical position - to allow ONLY red light thru! (Prof D, "Oh God, so it is.") Me thinks Sir Isaac is turning 'redfaced' under his apple tree. A pair of grey herons gently glided over my very green cricket square today. No blue skies yet.

This is the paperback (and Kindle) edition without illustrations, so the problem doesn't arise.

Comment 5 by Quine :

Hope they corrected the 536,447,737,765,488,792,839,237,440,000 error on page 27.



So the paperback has not illustrations. But the cover mentions "Ilustrated by Dave McKean".

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