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Death is part of life.

It's all around you. Midges hatch without mouth parts, basically try to mate, and then die. Over Lake Tanganika in Africa, there are often many swarms of mating midges with more individuals than there are humans on earth.

The ridiculous notion that there is any life after death. when there obviously isn't, could only have been invented by someone who wished to use it to exercise power and control over others.

My parents and friends will live (in my memory) as long as I do. When they died, I knew it was the end for them, as is the case for all life, though I realise of course that their constituent atoms will continue to exist (but then again, those atoms over an atomic weight of 3 were first formed inside stars so have been around for billions of years and spent time in many different "bodies").

There's nothing wrong with sentiment but yearnings and longings based on superstitious and religious nonsense (same thing) is pointless.

When I hook a decent fish I typically have a thought about my dad and I think of my mum when I actually manage to cook something decent. That's more satisfying than wondering about nonsense such as where they are currently residing or what they are currently thinking about my activities.

Religion gets much of wealth from brainwashed, bereaved people and have great expertise in seperating the grieving from their wealth. Strange that all religions have this afterlife component. DUH!

Think Power and Control Mechanism and you've got religion in one, despite it's current 9,000 plus versions (more every day with more billionaire TV Evangalists every day and more wasted humanity every day).

BTW, I hate Religion.

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