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Please understand that your children will already be an extension of you in the future, once you die. >>Because your genes will continue to live in them.

That's one way of looking at it, however, the case is that our genes use us and other animals to replicate themselves.

Only a tiny fraction of our genes are unique to humans and only a tiny fraction of these are unique to individuals. Indeed humans are so genetically close to each other that we are practically clones.

Some of our constituent genes have been replicating themselves for billions of years and many appear in most animals. The other apes share about 98% of human genes, Chimpanzees well over 98%.

Interestingly, evolution has enabled our particular instance of gene replication, to evolve a brain that has enabled us to identify and study genes and even map our own genome. We can already manipulate those mindless little replicators and may soon be able to produce, and use, some new ones. Imagine, taking control of our own bodies.

Currently 6 billion of us believe "the gods made us" and most of the 6 billion can be made to kill and die to ensure the gods continue to rule. The really sick thing is that this god nonsense is not nature (genes) but nurture (an invented power and control mechanism).

We need to design a gene to enable intelligence before we destroy ourselves because, unfortunately, our genes are unthinking and anyway, they have millions of other options for replication so almost all of them don't need us anyway.

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