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my suggestions on raising free thinkers is

Reading suggestions 1) I suggest The Magic of Reality, Sophie's World, Thank You for Arguing and anything scientific you can get them interested in. My son (now 12) expressed an interest in biology and nature so I read the Selfish Gene with him. My daughter was more interested in weird physics so we read In Search of Schrödinger's Cat and other physics books (she is now 14).

2) The suggestion of teaching mythology is good for the younger ones... the older ones as well if you can find the right books.

3) The history of religions. I liked Cartoon History of the Universe, if you don't mind a little cartoon nudity.

on TV, watching Mythbusters is good. I especially like the episodes where I think they did something wrong. This leads to good discussions about scientific process.

For the younger ones I enjoyed a game I call "real or pretend?" When asked that enough times about the tooth fairy or Santa they quickly get the point on other subjects.

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