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Comment 10 by The Jersey Devil

How does that prove or even begin to prove that the phenomena that created the universe is still in existence, can read our minds, wants us to worship it, favors any particular religion, is homophobic, is omnipotent and on and on?

This is theist gapology 101.

If science admits there are things it does not know, or admits there is a 0.000000000000000001% chance it could be wrong, this = "There that proves they admit my god exists" - and here are cross-references to hundreds of years of rambling "theofumbical" verbosity which we cite as "proof".

They desperately want to believe their god exists (as an endorsement of their personal views) and will work at elaborate rationalised constructs to support this view in their minds denying, refusing to understand, or casting doubt on any objective evidence to the contrary.

Their "evidence" is inevitably simply a denial of science, speculation on areas of uncertainty, or comparing the different "philosophical, hypothetical towers on their theistic "castles in the air" - which have no physical connections to the material universe or objective observations.

In many cases they defend their fantasies, by denying the need for such connections by denigrating "materialism"!

This is well illustrated in comments on the link responding to Quine or Susan.

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