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Hitch had it right; the party's going on and we're not invited, that is what bugs us most. The blinding narcissim of our conciousness condemns our escape from it. It is us and we are it. We only have opinion here and now; future worries don't exist, because when we get there, we will not know we exist...there is no opinion to have. Nothing.

Obviously, present thoughts about future worries are real, but outside irresponsible behaviour, thinking or planning, the future has not come yet. We are so self-focused we miss our lives trying to get the package right, because it has not arrived yet, and someday it will all come together. Sometimes it does, and then it goes away.... again, and quickly more than not. No wonder commercials work.

If I were to say to you the firing squad is noon tomorrow, no way out, you would start living 'real' immediately, would you not? I try and take that thought in every morning when I wake up. Pay attention! I say, for today, for at least right now, this is as good as it gets. When it reaches the point when life no longer valid, assisted suicide should be a basic human right.

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