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Comment 121 by Rob W.-

Science and Religion are two different kinds of conversations which shouldn't be in conflict anyway.

Wrong. Religious leaders claim this in order to con their followers. Religions make claims about reality. Science shows those claims to be false.

Religion is there to teach us how to relate to the Universe

What does that even mean?

However, I disagree with Thompson because he doesn't make a distinction between good religion and bad religion (just as there is good science and junk science)

Junk science is not science. All religion is false. See the difference?

Sometimes it seems that way because there's a lot of B.S. out there in the name of G0D, and that's very unfortunate.

You seem quite smart. Think slightly smarter and you'll see past the gish-gallop. It's not difficult, really.

Have a nice day.

And read Steven Pinker's 'How the Mind Works.'

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