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Comment 124 by YA -

There's a significant difference between being open-minded and letting your brain fall out. It doesn't take a lot of prodding for you to throw your toys out of the pram, does it? A real shame, this is the only life you have and you are wasting a fair proportion of it on utter bilge..

Every idea requires tolerance for it. Scientists put work into their ideas. It's not data collecting. It's coming up with theories to explain what is seen in nature. It requires tolerance.


Not everyone believes in it.

You don't 'believe' in science.

She may not require counseling. Crying is what she may have needed.

No. She needs to grow up and cut out the nonsense.

And you sir, are no scientist. Just a typical thumb-sucking theist, one whom I was prepared to start a dialogue with. Sadly, it would clearly be a waste of my valuable and finite time.

Go back to shouting to an empty sky and pretending to think you - literally - know the answer to everything. Moreover, that it was written down in a book by people who thought the earth was flat, the sun went round the earth and that every animal lived within walking distance of Noah's house.

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