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You ignoramous. I believe in science. You're just reciting from your little bit knowledged.

Ya, if you think a poster is being ignorant, responding in a like fashion only ends in exchanging slights when you could be exchanging knowledge.

Calm down.

Stop being emotional.

Make your point.

I'm sure the description of you that your friend gave is accurate and you are reacting this way because you perceive an attack on yourself.

I think your point was that Dawkins was both harsh, and rude, and in print, and that this was both unnecessary and, to a degree, unkind.

I agree.

I should point out that the words he, and others on this thread, have used are exactly the words that came to my mind. I simply would not have spoken them in public or used them in print.

I think we should think carefully before putting things in the public domain. They often divert ones energies away from the issue at hand. Here, for example, I don't believe yourself, Amos, or Irate have gained anything from these exchanges.

The original point has been lost.

Let us re-state it so the thread can move on:

A young student bursts into tears in a science class when confronted with a scientific fact and a teacher responds by not mentioning this fact in case further affront is caused to this young persons unevidenced belief.

This raises the question should this young persons right and freedom to believe in this unevidenced belief (and noone here will deny her this right and freedom) deny others their right and freedom to acquire knowledge that allows them a clearer image of reality - of truth.

What is your position on this?


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