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Here, for example, I don't believe yourself, Amos, or Irate have gained anything from these exchanges.

Oh, I have. A reminder of how wilfully ignorant, over-reactive and pathetically infantile so many people are.

A young student bursts into tears in a science class when confronted with a scientific fact and a teacher responds by not mentioning this fact in case further affront is caused to this young persons unevidenced belief.

This raises the question should this young persons right and freedom to believe in this unevidenced belief (and noone here will deny her this right and freedom) deny others their right and freedom to acquire knowledge that allows them a clearer image of reality - of truth.

Someone is free to be an idiot. Others should be free to point out that they are being an idiot.

Yes, I agree - but only if that is where you wish to end the debate.

Or maybe if you think she is not an idiot, even though she holds on to demonstrably idiotic beliefs, would you concur that her upbringing has been demonstrably abusive?

Nope, as I said, above, I think she is being an idiot. I just wouldn't have used that particular word knowing it would derail an otherwise interesting debate that would have - could have - included defining 'knowledge', 'knowing', contingency', 'certitude', 'truth', 'parental abuse', 'science', and the like.

When everyone shouts the only thing that anyone hears is fuck all.

Anyway, I'm off to lay some concrete.


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