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Let's take a look at the most strident accusation's that Atheist makes versus the Theist.

Atheist " Your belief in god is deluded and irrational. You can't hack it in reality so you have to live in a ridiculous fantasy world. You and your beliefs are dumb".

Pretty mean spirited. Now for the Theist.

Atheist have no morals and only reject god so they can be horrible, sinful people. An Atheist thinks they are the most important, intelligent being in the universe. An Atheist is their own god. If Atheist had half a chance they wouldn't think twice about committing mass murder on an apocalyptic scale to farther goals.

It's mean to say call someone stupid but I think it's on a whole other level to call someone a murderer in waiting. I don't know about you Susan, but that kind of thinking still shocks every time I hear it. I've heard it enough that it shouldn't, but I'm still blown away that anyone believes that.

Comment 15 by susanlatimer :

It is a fortress of impenetrable dogma over there.

The same old canards. Over and over and over.

Here's the last comment:

I wonder what atheists would say about the state of nature where God was "nowhere" in society of the brutish? Granted that even if there is a social contract to keep the weak alive, what will the norms or framework of this contract be based on? Between the survival of the fittest and the protection of the weak there has to be an 'equalizer' that keeps the weak from being annihilated. In a state of nature, it is safe to assume that all who survive in that state are atheists.

Will it ever end? They need to villify atheists in order to protect themselves from the reality of their own poor reasoning and moral stuntedness. It's a stink pit.

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