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I don't know about you Susan, but that kind of thinking still shocks every time I hear it. I've heard it enough that it shouldn't, but I'm still blown away that anyone believes that.

I'm blown away, too. I get so used to hearing it that I become numb to it for a while, but every now and then the implications broadside me.

I would be very, very careful that I had checked all my work before I argued that a person's position on a subject inevitably leads to advocating rape, murder and genocide. I've never accused anyone of that in any sort of discussion. It's a horrible accusation that better be well thought out and thorougly backed up.

It's true that what we believe can lead us to do unimaginably terrible things. . Humanity has demonstrated that.

Quine's correction of point #6 from comment 6 on this thread is one to always take seriously. We should all have learned that by now.

Dogma is the cause of innumerable evils and should be rejected on moral grounds.

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