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and recoil from the horrible adman slogan, "Team GB".

The problem I have with the Olympics....indeed sport in that I don't see in what sense any of the sports persons are playing for me. It doesn't affect my life one iota if 'Team GB' win or lose. I may wish them success in their personal endeavour, and I may even have a vague sense of supporting 'England' at events like the World Cup, but I am not under any illusions that the endeavour is being performed for any entity of which I feel a beneficial sense of belonging.

I think that is largely because there is a complete disconnect, brought on by a sense of the 'superstar' level of sports players, from one's personal life. If I watch the local team play cricket, I can at least identify that the players are local people and there is some sense of 'belonging'. But watching government ministers vie for who gets to sit next to David Beckham just leaves me utterly cynical.

I should add that this same level of indifference is one of the reasons I think 'group selection' cannot explain culture or society. There has to actually exist a benefit enhancing goup in the first place.

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