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on the Giant's Causeway; we say we want to be who we truly are, now, we roar it. Welcome to us.

If I could point out any difference between the celebration of the Olympics in China, and some eventual difference in the character of people, perhaps I would value the bold, because chinese people were so perfectionist that even avoided the rain, and a chinese singer( child girl) was replaced by another child without any imperfection in her tooth.

It seems a reasonable difference to mention concerning "the soul" of "peoples".

And yet deserving mention were the harsh words of a representant of athelets(portuguese) to the general population, pointing out the lesser desportive respect for athelets besides of their "duty" to honor nationalistic expectations (pride) with gold and silver, people were better to expect better from politicians (they elect), or otherwise the country could be in better conditions for everyone.

(it really was amazing to have the guts to say it).

I would better mention a poet writer and his celebration of an athlet in a book called "Cemetery of Pianos" (a kind of concert of deaths, that were des-concert)" once the death of the athlet he celebrates is disconcerting, the athlet ran until his death, and even dead, his body was still having running reflex for a few time, his death was due to a potion he used over his body that didn´t allow him to sweat, and of course, the temperature of his body running killed him and perhaps the chemical substances used, as strychnine to give vigour, as it was thought at the time and pig´s fat, it was a pharmaceutical formula of the time. Other athlets having seen him using it over his body adviced him that it was not a good idea, he was convinced by them but it was too late to take a shower.

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