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I find Richard's example from tennis doubles very apt. I may add that I very much enjoy tennis tournaments because there is no dominating country, champions come and go and you get to know them as individuals, almost personally through their 10 years +/- career. Maybe I am biased, I like the sport itself more than other sports. Right now, Rafael Nadal is my hero. For his game and for this:

"Almost every bad thing that happens in life comes from some form of radicalism, it only unleashes problems that should be fixed. You are entitled to have your likings, sympathies, beliefs, but you should always respect the opinions of others, never insult them. The same happens with religion. You can be religious, or atheist, christian, muslim... whatever, but I think the atrocities that people committed in the name of religion are too much. For me, religion is the main cause of mortality in history".

Sat, 11 Aug 2012 15:23:16 UTC | #950677