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We descend from pack hunters and the strong bonds within one's tribe formed an important part of the survival of our ancestors. So these tribal, patriotic and nationalistic emotions run deep within us.

But even though patriotic feelings are natural, that doesn't make them desirable. I have to say I'm prone to patriotic feelings from time to time, and I'm very ashamed of that. Patriotism is a low, primal emotion, an emotion very close to rasism and chauvinism, one that should be resisted just as we resist greed or selfishness and control our primal urges.

But unlike greed, selfishness or rampant primal urges, all this sport jingoism is strongly encouraged by almost all societies and political leaders. I can't help but think it is to maintain certain mental readiness for war, as if to train our old tribalistic muscles. Play up! play up! And play the game.

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