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And I thought I was the least nationalistic person on the planet.. Glad to see others share my sentiment. The whole thing perpetuates tribalism, group think, and brain washing- besides the political intrigue and dishonesty is disgusting. It's almost like another religion- win at any cost for the glory of my tribe. Basically anything goes. I'm all for athletic prowess, but compete as individuals- for your particular sport, because you enjoy it and because you are trying to do your best for yourself. At Cartomancer # 16 vividly described what we have today is no different from what was happening in the past. We haven't learnt anything. As for the opening Ceremony- spectacular indeed and well orchestrated, but also a bit historically revisionist with all the bad bits conveniently left out. Too much of a tribal celebration to stir up the masses in a fervour of nationalism, rather than a more subtle celebration of culture, sports and the arts But then I shouldn't point fingers- they all do it.. Still....jcw

Sat, 11 Aug 2012 22:06:21 UTC | #950697