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(...) As for the opening Ceremony- spectacular indeed and well orchestrated, but also a bit historically revisionist with all the bad bits conveniently left out. Too much of a tribal celebration to stir up the masses in a fervour of nationalism, rather than a more subtle celebration of culture, sports and the arts

Have to disagree with you there.

I had no intention of watching it but then sat down and watched it on the Monday on iPlayer.

Boyle gave us his image of the making of Britain: Bo Peep's idylic, poetic, mythic, rural scene shattered into oblivion by the industrial revolution, and the Olympic Rings - echoing the UK's place in the world today - forged on the oppression of the working class.

This was positively marxist, wasn't it?

Then came what he see's as Britains gifts to the world: Shakespear, the NHS and the Welfare State - from the cradle to the grave - Rock Music, Punk, Film, Childrens Literature, and Comedy.

It hardly stirs up the masses to a fervour of nationalism to point out to the world that you're a bit odd, a bit daft, and have a humour that is self-deprecating, does it?

I grew up in an era of brilliant outdoor theatre from great community theatre companies like Welfare State International - I don't think they could have done any better than Boyle did - even with £29 million.

I bet he is sat at home, a large whisky in hand, feeling rather smug thinking 'go on, Rio, follow that!'

I would be had I produced that ceremony.


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