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For the UK I think it is healthy to have the Olympics come round every 4 years, I have been happily screaming support to athletes from Scotland, NI, and Wales as well as England and I am pretty certain that the Celts have similarly been supporting the sassenach athletes. With all the devolution over the last 20 years, it is very refreshing to pull together for a change.

I managed to get tickets to the taekwondo and what could illustrate more the global nature of sport more than watching a lovely young lass from Wales defeat athletes from China and Taiwan to win a Gold Medal in the Korean national martial art?

Like wars the main way you win is with MONEY rather than fanaticism and the cost from my taxes to fund these high-level athletes is apparently £0.60 per annum, plus whatever money I fritter away ignoring the laws of probability by buying the odd lottery ticket. That is a steal for how much enjoyment the last two weeks have brought me.

As for poetry- Ray Davies is reputedly going to be performing "waterloo sunset" at the closing ceremony -to my mind the most beautifully poetic pop song ever written.

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