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Comment 28 by kaiserkriss :

Anvil, I think you miss my point and I suggest you might be caught up in exactly what I was criticizing- a national fervour of feel good and superiority to the rest of the world. The show was more about celebrating and pointing out differences between Brits and the rest of the world vs an inclusive production pointing out and focusing on the things we all have in common and should ultimately bring us all closer together. Every culture has its quirks and idiosyncrasies- that is not uniquely British, but the ability to laugh at oneself and those quirks is very British- admirable and worth emulating and sharing with the rest of the world.

Just because a country hosts an event like the Olympics, does it give it the right to pound ones chest in a fit of nationalism? They all do it and I cringe every time I see it and I think its the wrong approach.

It would be truly unique, forward thinking and rational to make one of these ceremonies world inclusive, to include the best things on the planet- show ideals worth emulating, something as simple as rational thought, simple scientific truths, evolution, the literal brotherhood of man (e.g. 200k years common ancestor), something to really think about. Would it be controversial? Probably, but it would also be educational, and food for thought versus a fluff piece forgotten in a couple of weeks.

That is something I would have expected from the Brits at these Olympics, a leadership role in rational though and the sciences. Expecting something like that from Rio or Saudi Arabia, or some other lesser developed country couldn't be expected.jcw

One day, when we grow up. I can't bear chauvinism. I feel like we're going backwards. But I do respect the dedication, work ethics and spirit of the athletes. If you want to cheer, cheer for them, not for the fecken 'flag'.

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