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Don't forget that each of the 9,000+ religions think that theirs is the only correct one and that the other 8,999+ are wrong. They all think that everyone else should believe their shit. They cannot have any morals since they divide humanity by religion with them being superior creatures, especially created by their god(s).

It's not funny. You can also hardly blame all of them. Most religious people have been brainwashed from birth as a key part of the power and control mechanism that is religion.They are then subject to intense peer and cultural pressure and in some cases, even death, to pressure them into unquestioning support for their religious elders.

The only real opportunity they have for changimng their "forced" beliefs is if Henry VIII wants a divorce or if one of their religious leaders carves out his own flock of followers to fleece and they are included in the "new" religion.

Strange that overnight, beliefs they will kill and die for can change.

Blameless maybe, stupid - yes (or illiterate and ignorant which is more typically the case).

I really do not like religion and those who invent, perpetrate, lead or support it.

Needless to say, governments, even in so called secular countries, support religion and make sure that even atheists pay to enable religion to thrive - typically through taxes and laws protecting those types of power and control mechanisms.

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