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What's the problem? Focus more on what we can do now. We have countless person years of work needed to fully leverage the human genome we have now mapped and to improve medicine and the human condition.

Needless to say, our brightest and best are heading in droves for Wall Street or to religion where they can make the biggest fortune quickest. The next smartest head to Silicone Valley or go into Advertising with Sport and Movies the draw for those gifted other than intellectually.

The drug companies pay for treatments and not cures (why have a customer once in their lives when you can have them for all of their lives). Advertising focuses on how good topbacco, sugar, fat and salt are for you and how much you need expensive clothes, perfumes, makeup, etc.

I have no problem with someone spending their life trying to find out if nuclear fusion can be contained and leveaged but anything good will do.

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