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Not just in Manila - when Carlisle in the north of England got flooded a few years ago, Graham Dow (a total whackjob preacher) reckoned it was divine judgment becaese the Government was getting all liberal regarding gays

Heres the whole hideous story, shamelessly cut and pasted from Wikipedia:

"In July 2007, following widespread storms over parts of the United Kingdom, Dow stated that he believed the resulting flooding (in which several people were killed) was an act of divine retribution, the result of God's "strong and definite judgement" on the "moral degradation" of British society. In particular, he blamed the economic exploitation of poorer nations and the United Kingdom's introduction of laws aimed at reducing discrimination against gay people, notably the proposals to introduce same-sex marriage.[9] He stated that “the Sexual Orientation Regulations are part of a general scene of permissiveness. We are in a situation where we are liable for God’s judgement.” [10]

According to an article in The Times, Dow is a specialist in exorcism, explaining in a leaflet entitled Explaining Deliverance that “There is a view that both oral and anal sexual practice is liable to allow entry to spirits

FFS, you couldnt make this up. Its incredible.

Incidentally, Graham Dow was one of the speakers at the charismaniac "New Wine" conference in the north of England a few weeks ago. These conferences are very popular among the evangies, so people like this get plenty of opportunities to spout their nonsense

:-) SG

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