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After reading your post I wanted to share my story with you. Although I did not have a physical illness I still found great strength and comfort in my secular beliefs. I had battled with depression throughout my childhood, teens and early twenties. Through all of these year I had been a spiritulist and believed there was life after death. In my darkest times I often thought about dying and ending my life and believed it wouldnt matter if i died as there was something better afterwards, much better than this life. I was introduced to Evolution properly (not like I was in secondary school) by a friend a few years ago and started to learn about the science behind our amazing planet and how we came to be and my beliefs began to change. Since then my whole outlook on life has changed, knowing there is no 'God', no after life, not second chance, I now want and do embrace each day that I live and live my life to the full, as it is far beyond a 'miracle' that I am here on this earth, concious and have the ability to learn and imagine! I am proud to call myself an Atheist and so grateful that I chose to be open minded and I am not held back by fear and false hope.

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