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Hi Sjoerd Westenborg (ouch, hope you're on the mend),

It doesn't sound like you've depleted all of your empathy reserves, but it does sound like you're closing in on burn-out. I posted a discussion here in March upon my return from the Reason Rally called: Apathetic Atheists: A Forgotten Resource? While my subject deals with a condition you haven't arrived at yet, (apathy), plenty contributed words of wisdom that helped me recharge and carry on. One of my favorites:

Some of us are not afraid to be different, but we must not let this blind us to the problem that very significant numbers of people are unable to mature beyond teenage angst. Stephen of Wimbledon

and this:

Repetition is key. I hate that that's true. Repetition has probably contributed more towards maintaining, and to some extent rejecting, racism, sexism, and homophobia on a cultural level than reason has. Reason led to the arguments but repetition is what changes culture. Repetition is also why those ridiculous models haven't been completely expunged from our society. susanlatimer



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