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Just picking up on one aspect, of the "living and enduring philosophy" derived from the religious/cultural "package". I tried previously to raise the question of where our sense of right and wrong comes from, our morality if you like. Science provides little guidance on this, and where it has been used it has gone badly ("greed is good" or ethnic cleansing or whatever). So Atheists must be getting their morality from some other source.

I wonder where people here feel that their sense of right and wrong comes from? I would guess for most it has its origins in the religious teachings that their ancestors received, and then passed on in their upbringing. Even I as a non-religious person can clearly recognise the habit of self-deprecation in myself (i.e. it is wrong to blow your own horn, or talk yourself up), which has its root in Scottish Christian thought. Even brought up away from Scotland and actively opposed to religion as a child, still this aspect has been incorporated in my sense of right and wrong.

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