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Comment 5 by Tyler Durden :

(I've only read parts of the Qur'an, so, I would have a similar query: should I read the Qur'an?)

I think the Qu'ran is worth a look as well. Especially these days with Islamic fundamentalism and Islamaphobia. I really tried to make it all the way through the Qu'ran but I just couldn't do it. Perhaps because I lacked the proper context but it was just really boring and also the style of the text is IMO very repetitive and boring. There are certain conventions, e.g., you have to say something like "blessings and peace be upon him" every time you mention Mohammed and there is so much text just to essentially repeat things like God is great, God is really great, wow Go God go you totally rock, etc. (in much less interesting prose). I recall a few interesting stories but not enough to hold my interest to the end having to wade through all the repetition.

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