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Comment 181 by Akaei

While it's not ghosts and magic it would be some stretch to refer to this realm as "natural."

Why ever not ? You are creating arbitrary distinctions. If something caused our universe, then there is a clear causal chain from that physics to our own.

You seem desperate for something to pin the word 'supernatural' to. But I really don't understand why. Even if God did exist.....what difference would it make if he was 'supernatural' rather than natural ? What would being supernatural add to any such god....that being natural wouldn't ?

What you are actually doing is deliberately trying to limit the order to provide space ( the god of the gaps ) for supernatural goings on. This says more about your belief structure than it does about the universe.

'The supernatural' is really an utterly meaningless term. It is precisely that vagueness and ambiguity that allows it to carry on deluding people.

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