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I have articulated elsewhere my opinion that "religious" and "cultural" are not distinct things. Religion is a type of culture, and the word "religion" is so multifarious and vague as to be taxonomically useless.

This applies to all religion. It's just a kind of culture. Separate tools and mindsets are not required for understanding it. If you want to use the word "religion" to mean a specific thing, such as belief in things that don't exist, then fine, but that's not the entirety of the word's import. As I said, it is my belief that the word has so much import as to be essentially useless unless assigned an arbitrary and much narrower meaning.

So I find this argument a bit silly. Some people who call themselves jewish seriously believe in all kinds of nonsense. Some understand and feel affinity for the nonsense, but don't believe it, and some don't even feel affinity for it. That's how it is with all people and all cultures. That's how these things work.

Also, people who play fantasy role-playing games don't actually believe that fantasy monsters really exist...

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