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re: Aguazul, and where morals come from.

I'm not aware of any science saying baldly that "greed is good". A certain amount of greed may be necessary to fuel the ambition required to thrive, but I am not aware of any science that says that "greed is good" as a general rule.

Where do people get their morals? While we generally live in a society steeped in religion, even the religious no longer get their morals from religion if they are part of mainstream western society. Most religious people cherry pick the good parts from their religious dogma, and they use the same method as secular people: modern moral concepts developed since the enlightenment that boil down to "do not harm others on purpose." I don't see to many of my religious friends selling their daughters into slavery, stoning to death neighbours who do not observe the Sabbath. They do help the poor, are kind to children, and are generally "good". I can't anywhere in the bible saying gays can marry, but they rationalize that too.

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