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Dear Cartomancer,

My comment about D&D was tongue-in-cheek. I don't literally think that all people who enjoy fantasy role-playing games can't distinguish the game from reality. Maybe you were being funny in return...

Dear BenS,

I'm not sure what answer you think I've given to the belief in G-d thing here. If I implied an answer, maybe you correctly picked up on that, but I'm not sure that I've explicitly addressed it. You can see in that other thread that I hesitate to give a simple "yes" because I think a simple "yes" is bound to be grossly misunderstood. A lot of that has to do with those ubiquitous notions about what religion is.

In my experience, Jews tend to use the term "religious" differently than do Christians. When I hear Christians (and Atheists, b.t.w. who've bought into Christian terms) say that someone is very "religious" or "has a strong faith," it seems to me that they mean "dogmatic." When I hear Jews describe another Jew as "religious," they don't neccessarily mean "dogmatic;" they mean "observant." That's because often in Christianity, the "belief" is The Thing; it's The Point to it all as if it were a virtue in and of itself, as if it had some intrinsic value. Belief without action doesn't go a long way in Judaism; in Judaism, behavior trumps belief every time.

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