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i agree this is a lawsuit too far. there may well be some cynical motivation behind the choise but we should all accept that a large number of tunes we all know have words that suggest there's such a thing as god.

it should be considered unfortunate. unfortunate that these might get picked, unfortunate that outside of the narrow sub-genre of black metal there is a shocking deficit in songs written to praise satan (which might offer some balance), very few praising allah (they don't like music do they?) and not nearly enough songs about science.

the fact is though, songs about jebus make unsubstansiated claims about reality which must be considered. it should be pointed out that songs are catchy and easy to remember, and therefore very healthy memes but the information they hold should not be taught as fact, which i asusme wouldn't happen in a music lesson.

Wagner wrote some crackers about a guy called Siegfried, ok to get emotionally involved with the theme but don't make any life changing decisions based on it.

equally, any song, made in the first person, making confident predictions on the future must be treated as poetic license, so regardless of the words in any song i might sing, i may actually go off you one day, i may not have considered every event in my life when deciding you were the best thing that happened, and indeed people may not live underwater in the year 3000

that said, i accept if religious songe can be sung in school, so can advertising jingles

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