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Well, Aguazul, keep in mind that what makes a Christian a Christian is very different that what makes a Jew a Jew. These are two different camps who use very different sets of rules (not to mention all the subdivisions in each).

Dear BenS, In response to (I wish I knew how to properly block quote): "So when a Jewish mother births a daughter, who moves abroad and cuts ties with the family, who births a daughter of her own, who becomes a Muslim and moves to Tunisia who births a son who is brought up in a Muslim family and has never even heard of Judaism... that son is a Jew. No."

Yes, BenS, that's exactly what I'm saying. I don't care whether you like it or not; that's Halacha. Just 'cause you don't like it doesn't make you an authority, and doesn't make it not so. There are laws on the books where I live which I don't like, but that doesn't mean they aren't the laws. Ben, if you are Gentile, then of course someone telling you that you're Jewish over and over wouldn't make it so. In my case, however, the people who told me that were correct. Israel (a.k.a. the Jewish people) -- not just the modern State of Israel -- has been a nation for centuries even when dispersed. The Rabbis have kept Halacha going. They have rules and regulations about how a Gentile might become Jewish just as the United States Immigration Service regulates how an immigrant to the U.S.A. might become a citizen. Citizenship in a nation is not just a matter of your individual opinion or mine; it's a matter of the legal system in place for that nation.

Now please, Ben, if I am wrong when I say that the matrilineal heritage of Torah and Mitzvoth is what unites all Jews including the atheistic ones, then please tell us what does. Why would we ever even call an Atheist a Jew if there isn't something which unites him with those Jews who are more religious than he is? Your point about Vegans for Beef is fine, but if the same principle were applied here, wouldn't an Atheist with matrilineal Jewish ancestory be a non-Jew?

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