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I had not heard of Tony Nicklinson's challenge to end his life; that this has failed is not unexpected.

The above comment was submitted on this website after I considered who may be motivated to publicise the negative consequences which emanate from the merging of religion and health care. It is a merger which ironically invokes respect and gratitude from those who are persuaded by a righteous facade.

Even in the last week when caring for a relative dying at home, some staff were hesitant in facilitating adequate pain control. Earlier this year a patient informed me that she had been begging for more medication to relieve both her pain and breathing difficulties, however the nurse declined citing potential side effects. The patient said she would tolerate these as she wanted to alleviate her suffering, however the nurse responded "god will take you in his own time".

The topics of death and dying, and existing rather than truly living, are generally avoided but it would be in our best interest if they became part of general discourse. The motives of health care professionals are an important aspect of this discussion.

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