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"Comment 23 by Deako: Greek mythology is way more interesting and better written. Greg."

Better written by whom? You are making a literary judgment in less than 10 words on scores of different writers from two cultures each spanning a millennium or so of literary and cultural development. Personally I am still very much a beginner in both Classical Greek and Ancient Hebrew, so I couldn't even make a fair critical comparison of even two authors. What are your credentials?

In terms of content, there are very few purely miraculous/mythological stories in the Bible. The Greek myths are far more superstitious, with multiple gods appearing in a variety of forms to perform all manner of miracles; in fact that's pretty much all they do.

"There is no version of primeval history, preceding the discoveries of modern science, that is as rational and as inspiriting as that of the Book of Genesis." Isaac Asimov.

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