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Comment 24 by Quine :

Yes, I agree with others, above, read it all. Then, read some book about who wrote it and when. Pay special attention to the redaction of the OT at the time of Esra, and all the versions and copy errors and translation errors we have in in the NT. It's a Hell of a story.

I agree, the actual history of how the OT and NT came to be written and collected is quite interesting. An excellent author if you want to read about those things is Bart Ehrman. He was actually trained as a minister but is now an agnostic.

His book Jesus Interrupted is great reading if you want to delve into the many contradictions in the New Testament. But he doesn't just show the contradictions, he presents a compelling explanation why they are there, saying that the various gospel authors had different agendas. Some wanted to convert jews to be Christians so they went out of their way in their gospels to show that Jesus was the Messiah prophesized in the OT. Other authors wanted to convert pagans to Christians so they emphasized demigod aspects from Pagan gods such as divine parentage and virgin birth.

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