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Comment 219 by Rob W. :

I get high worshiping G-d. Does that mean that G-d exists? Who knows? Who cares? It's got to be safer than using actual opiates.

I care.

I care about the truth, and what is real, as opposed to pure fantasy (i.e. your god, and every other god humans have invented to make them feel protected, or special, or high).

And I certainly don't trust the judgment of those who are "high", regardless of their preferred choice of substance abuse.

I said, "Rabbi, you exist. I exist. Bacteria exists. The galaxy exists. I'm not saying G-d doesn't exist, but to say that G-d exists per se would be putting G-d in the same category as you and me, as if G-d were just another being subject to space and time, and that doesn't make any sense. Do I sound meshuge to you?"

Oh dear. Your particular god is "outside of space and time" yet somehow interacts with the world - that doesn't make any sense. None whatsoever.

Epic Fail, Rob. Epic Fail.

Fri, 17 Aug 2012 13:50:05 UTC | #950948