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Ah, Phil, ouch! You really got me there, man! Of course I care about truth. It's just that there are factual ways of talking about truth, and then there's that other stuff that's more subjective and personal.

No there aren't. There never have been. There is a wonderful and terrifying world of subjective feelings that is open to us to explore if we want to, but there is no truth there other than the feelings. Feelings aren't truths, and to believe that they are is a profound mistake. There is nothing deep about subjective experience. It's all shallow, only the thickness of the cells of our cortex. The mind is a flowing weave on a tapestry of grey cells, and the pictures on that tapestry may be real or they may not be, but they are only flickering images, transient, changed with each viewing. Until we accept the absence of depth of our subjective self, we will leave ourselves open to delusion. Delusion may not do that much harm, for sure, but when delusion is considered a virtue, and delusion is praised as a fount of morality, then it is dangerous.

The only way to get to truth is through reason, through logic, through understanding. The only way to get to the truth of what's real, and to find out which truths are real, and that is science.

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