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Wow, raytoman, where did all that come from? I am not at all religious. Where did you get that idea?

I studied degree-level Physics, I have a science background. Just I see Science as a partial view of reality. Well, anyone could tell you it is a partial view of reality or else what are all the leading-edge scientists working on discovering? So there is stuff yet to be discovered, and probably it is where you least expect it or where it is hardest to access (if you're a scientist) or else you'd already have found it.

Inside someone else's head is one place where science cannot yet observe in detail, the process of perception and consciousness in general. No machine can yet record my perceptions or memories in enough detail to be much use (although they are trying). So if something unusual happens to me, there is no way I can prove it to you. But I myself can build up a world-view that covers all that I've experienced, and increase my own knowledge and understanding. I'm analytical and curious enough never to be happy with a convenient explanation. Hmmm, it's impossible to convince you though, as you have no access to the evidence. Never mind.

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