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We whinge about the paucity of women in our ranks not to mention in the lead. Then, when young women perform historically never before seen highly creative spectacular extreme feats of desecration and ridicule of religion and totalitarianism at great risk to themselves in parts of the world infamous for a history of iron-fisted repression, what is the reaction on RDFRS, support? Prominent mention? Enthusiastic discussions? No. It’s crickets.

Meanwhile, instead, we get treated to yet another sanctimonious sermon by our leading luminary about why he won’t debate one group or the other. Ok, then don’t debate them. How about suing them for libel and preaching lies and misinformation?

The reason for the persistence of religions (which as we know peddle nothing but pure useless malignant nonsense) worldwide is because they co-ordinately work hard at it, want it badly, always try to impose themselves by hook or by crook and back their own with unstinting loyalty. On a scale from 1 to 10 of these attributes they always rank at least an 8. Where do we rank? Perhaps a 4.5 on a good day. Therein see reflected the rate of our progress: We have the truth on our side yet only an estimated 16% of the world population (1.1 billion people) are "non-religious."

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