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I would like to start off by apologizing to atheists. American Christianity is based off people who believe they are christians due to the fact that they prayed a prayer. I prayed that prayer once and i honestly thought i was a christians even though i put people down and when ever i came in front of a non believer i would never talk to them... JESUS FRIEND OF SINNERS... was the most selfless person ever who sought out prostitutes and people posessed by demons. During my middle school i was and atheist for all of the three. Becasue in my earlier elementary school, trimont christian academy, they would not even let non beleivers come. Whenever i went to a boarding school that didnt care what religion you were sucker punched me so hard. An atheist asked me why do you believe in God there's no proof. My answer was i dont know and i walked away. For three years i didn't care and i listened to worldly things. Until my 9th grade i started to go to church. Our preacher was a very happy who just looked appy for no reason. So i started looking at the christianity idea some more. Maybe trying understand it i came across a debate. ( i cant remember all of it). But the evanglestic said i amhappy fro Jesus lives in me he is minwe no one can tell me otherwise. I have been thorugh things just as welll anybody else. If you dont beleive me than fine i"m not god i can't force anything upon you.Everyone has gone through pain and heartachhe. We must realize that somebody else somewhere has come out he same scenario as you abuse, drugs, divorce, abortion, job, or whatever Jesus Christ know i know he knows because whenever he i asked him in my heart and repented my sins on that January 12 2012 9:12 pm in my room it felt amazing. Then i thought well maybe I am just so excited nothing reallly hapeened from then on i have been so happy and live jesus with jesus chirst in my heart. I DONT NEED PROOF I HAVE FAITH!!.( PLEASE EXCUSE GRAMMAR)

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