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Ever heard of illusions, self deception, placebos, brainwashing, etc.

You, or your awareness, is simply the electro/chemical/mechanical interactions taking place in your brain and nervous system as they interact with your constituent organs and within their own complex structure as your braincells, neurons and synapses adapt as you grow and learn.

These are physical things. Your billion brain cells can form up to a trillion linkages which are your memory, knowledge, intelligence and all you perceive, think, dream and can control. Switch the electricity off and they are just atoms, all above an atomic of three having been initially formed inside stars (Hydrogen fusing into Helium is a star and it's death leads to the production and distribution of the other elements).

Whilst you contemplate your navel or try to count the number of Camels that can dance on the Eye of the Needle, others are studying the brain.

It's only a couple of hundred years ago the we discovered circulation, much less since we discovered bacteria, germs and just under a century since we discovered DNA.

And you want us to waste time studying your imagined crap! We've already mapped our genome and the lack of progress in ending all human diseases and improving our bodies is simply due to the money/drug company people who have trillions invested in treatments and who abhor cures - 1 sale 1 time rather than a customer for life.

Pretty much the same for tobacco, global warming, war, hunger - money talks. Unfortunately, like with religion, astrology, visiting aliens, vampires, etc, most listen.

Science needs help from rational people, not even more people diverting attention to crap. There is a different between Scientific Hypotheses and your musings - guess where I think we should invest our effort.

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