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They banned "Gollywogs". They banned "eeny meeny miney moe, catch a nigger by the toe" They banned "nigger in the woodpile"

These "silly" actions, to counteract racism against black people, raised awareness of the insidious nature of institutional racism which nowadays is even reducing in the US and South Africa.

Religion, practiced (in one of it's 9,000+ forms) by over 6 billion people (yes, you CAN count foetuses since there is a 93% probability that you will be right) is currently supported and defended by all sorts of cultural and legal crap and growing in it's fundamentalist nature and its power and control over others (it is after all simply a power and control mechanism).

Anything that draws attention to the ridiculous nature of religion or causes controversy can only be good if it gets people to think.

We have Evolution, DNA, Cosmology, Science, etc which (if people can read and choose to read non fiction) SHOULD ensure that people free themselves from the parasite that is religion.

Since this is not the case, why not try banning "swearing on the bible", "teaching religion as part of School curricula", "reference to God in National Anthems", "tax free and charitable status for religion, especially on assets", "protection for religion from legal action for fraud, false pretences, bullying, religious songs, etc".

You know it makes sense!

PS Isn't it great that now black people can call each other nigger as a term of affection and that the word is typically never used by non blacks. Just think "and no religion too" (nice one John).

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