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Better yet Richard if you wrote a version of The God Delusion (for idiots) that was accessable to all people.

The God Delusion is an easier read than The Ancestors Tale but is still pretty tough going. I can see people giving up - don't forget, most people read Tabloids or Comics or communicate via texts or twitter or worst, TV sound bites and slogans.

If you can't do it in 2 pages, make it 20 with lots of pictures.

It's no good being right if nobody else knows. People believe in god, tobacco is good for you, the 3 main food groups are sugar, saturated fat and salt, etc. Simple messages, well communicated but wrong and deadly.

Does the truth not deserve the same effective treatment. Don't forget, you will always have the definitive The God Delusion in print (and on line and the movie, musical, opera, etc) but you need mass appeal.

It was by asking a Monseigneur to answer my questions about Charles Darwins' On The Origin Of Species, about 50 years ago, that helped me to become an athiest. He was cluless about anything except what he was taught in his Seminary. He kept repeating shite and telling me to pray or satan would take me.

Just think, your new 2 page book is read by tens of millions after a fortune spent on advertising. Hundreds of thousands then start questioning their religious leaders and discussing the content on social media.

You might even get another atheist or 2, and sell ever more copied of your original weightier tome.

Loved The Selfish Gene and I tell everybody to read the God Delusion.

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