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I had a friend who was very intelligent and very well educated but so enjoyed caring for sick people that she became a nurse in an old peoples home.

What a waste. Instead of helping a few dozen for a few years as they died in pain and suffering (probaly most not even knowing they were alive), she could have gone into Medical Research and found cures, Politics and supported euthanasia, Bio Technology or Genetics and developed prevention strategies or early intervention (yes, including pregnancy screening and defective gene identification to enable the eliminatiion of many severe diseases within a generation), etc.

Nowadays I gather that most highly intelligent people are going into the finance industry, religion (there are already many TV Evangalist billionaires), the markets, marketing/advertising, etc and fewer are going into Science unless it's to work for a startup that gives share options (just think of the multimillionaire workers from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc).

The only research into dying currently seems to be in the Industrial Military complex where they can drive the bombers and missiles from home to any part of the world and watch the fireworks on TV. These are the people, who tyically are against abortion, euthanasia, proper healthcare (including prevention) for everyone and are most in favour of more and more powerful guns for everyone.


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